How It Works

From the Farm to Your Door (Currently Gauteng Only)



Hover over the menu items above until the subcategories drop.  Click on the relevant links to view our yummies.  Be sure to click on the next page to view more, if any.  Add the yummies you want to your cart.  (Tip:  You can also find your desired item by typing the name in the search bar located above the menu.)  Once you are done adding all of your tidbits, proceed to checkout.  Follow the prompts to confirm your order and pay securely.

Using Avalanche Transport's or OPEN Food Group's refrigerated trucks, we pick up your goodies from the farmers and artisans on Mondays and Thursdays and package your orders in our yummy food warehouse.  We then deliver to you the very next day on Tuesdays and Fridays (again in refrigerated trucks).  Please refer to our delivery schedule to find out which day your yummy package will arrive at your door.

This process ensures that our products remain as fresh as the day that they were picked or made!

We support local farmers and artisans to bring you products that have been grown and created through sustainable methods.  We do the legwork so that you don't have to - saving you time, money and fuel!

We pledge to donate a percentage of the proceeds from your orders towards the Acorn Foundation (a non-profit organization that focuses on sustainable projects that make a positive and lasting impact in the lives of vulnerable children and needy communities).  Your continuous orders therefore helps Farm Yummies to do good, enabling us to contribute towards this charitable organization - making a difference to many.