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img_2294-edit.jpgThe Pressed Juice Co was started in 2014 because the founders believed that juice can make your life happier and healthier.

Friends since university, they both worked for corporates for many years and found themselves disillusioned. They realised that they had a deeper calling to help people find happiness and wellness, which is what led them to discover cold-pressed juices. Delicious and densely nutritious, they’re a fun, easy, fast way to help people live healthier lives.

Their first step was to have a custom made single-auger press designed. Next, they set about finding the best local and organic fruits, roots and vegetables to transform into a selection of delicious juices that they designed in consultation with a registered dietitian. And so the Pressed Juice Co was born.

Wherever possible, Pressed Juice Co sources the best quality local and organic produce. Their juice is totally fresh and pure – nothing is added and nothing is taken away.

"Our juice is totally fresh and pure – nothing is added and nothing is taken away."

Pressed Juice Co employs HACCP principles in its operations to ensure the highest quality of food safe cold pressed juice.

Cold pressing is the process of extracting nutrient-rich juice from fresh produce by using high pressure exerted through a hydraulic press.  No heat is added to the process, hence less deterioration of critical nutrients.  Low levels of oxidation during juicing means a higher nutrient content integrity. The result is juice that is 100% natural, nutrient dense, preservative-free and full of flavour!

30-Day Shelf Life with No Preservatives

High pressure processing (HPP) allows Pressed Juice Co to make their juices as per usual.  They place the bottled juice into a chamber that is filled with cold water and the bottle is then pressurized.  This pressurization kills the negative bacteria, yeast and mould, making the product food safe without noticeably affecting the vitamins and healthy enzymes and probiotic qualities of the juice.  

This process gives the Pressed Juice Co juices a 30-day shelf life.

Note:  Juice must be refrigerated to maintain this shelf life.

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